Fashion Drawing Figure Character Design 56 Trendy Ideas


Fashion Drawing Figure Character Design 56 Trendy Ideas


  1. Posted by vinzicle, — Reply

    lmao can yall stop being dramatic everyone draws differently and the artist was 15 when she drew this πŸ˜βœ‹πŸ»

  2. Posted by xXcrischaoticXx, — Reply

    guys calm down. the artist is allowed to exaggerate certain features as long as they don’t expect every woman to look like that.

  3. Posted by wendevious, — Reply

    For anyone wanting to yell, "think of the children!" or any other ethos based argument. The artist was 15 when they drew this. They got an ask about how they drew bodies. This is one panel in a 5-panel answer, so taken heavily out of context. The next panel talks about, "Hey, don't be scared to switch it up; you can also use circles for masculine figures."

  4. Posted by awesomegirl4759, — Reply

    Lmaoooo who else watched that video? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Posted by vmp_bl00d, — Reply

    I know thicc guys that look like the one on the right, and thinnn girls like the one on the left lol. I know this is just a cartoon style but...still

  6. Posted by charityjaiden, — Reply

    Most of my female characters are actually flat and less curvy, but it's good drawing tips and their art style is nice πŸ‘

  7. Posted by NomNomGamesLda, — Reply

    very good! it's your work ?

  8. Posted by immanerdout, — Reply

    Thank you so much, I’m just trying to spread the word!

  9. Posted by brooklyntisdale, — Reply

    STOP with the hateful comments that just rube plus it actually depends on your art style if u want your figures to look like that......(but i like this it really helps =) )

  10. Posted by dominiqueHKZS, — Reply

    XD Those legs though.

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